I have advanced training in a number of areas in order to best meet the individual needs of my clients.

Couples Therapy

The theory I work from with couples is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), developed by Dr. Sue Johnson, author of "Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love" and "Love Sense". According to research, EFT has been shown to be one of the most successful approaches for building more connected and loving relationships. Whether you're married, single and living together or in a same-sex relationship... if your in a relationship and I can help. Maybe you're looking to enrich a healthy relationship, revitalize a tired one, or rescue one that's gone awry.  We can work together to help you experience more joy, connection and passion in your relationship. Please click on my 'Couples Therapy' link to the left for more information.

Children & Play Therapy

I offer play therapy for children ages 5 and up.  I utilize several kinds of expressive therapy (including play therapy) and sand tray therapy for my younger clients. Initially, I will work to build a safe & trusting therapeutic relationship with your child which is necessary for the important work to begin. Please click on my 'Children and Play Therapy' link to the left for more information including a brief video about play therapy.


I am Certified in EMDR therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and I integrated somatic therapy in my work with individuals (children and adults) who struggle with a variety of concerns including anxiety and/or depression or those who have experienced adverse or traumatic events - whether recent or something from many years ago. Please click on my 'Trauma Therapy and EMDR'  link to the left for more information including a brief video about EMDR and what you can expect.

Sand Tray Therapy

Sand Tray Therapy includes the use of imagery, symbolism and metaphor. Clients often say their experience in the sand tray was meaningful and fun... like “dreaming with your eyes open”. The unconcious mind is what motivates and influences what we think about events and how we behave in response. Once a client develops greater insight and understanding to problems, they are better able to recognize and change troubling patterns and recognize unproductive behaviors.  This shift allows newer and more productive patterns to develop as healing begins, leading to feelings of empowerment, competence, and confidence - even greater harmony in relationships.

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