Children and Play Therapy

It is so incredibly hard for parents to experience the pain and frustration of a struggling child...

To see their child's sadness, frustration and anger, not knowing quite how to help them and often not knowing what the problem is. Maybe you've tried different approaches yet nothing seems to work.

When a child is struggling with some aspect of life experience, they often "act out" with anger or "turn inward" with sadness, both of which lead to isolation. A child can feel helpless and hopeless while needing their parents to recognize THEY NEED HELP! Children typically don't have the language development to tell you with words, what the problem is -- it typically shows in their behavior and/or moods and is their way of crying out for help.

You might have considered taking your child to a counselor only to wonder what a counselor can do to help. You might have also heard of "play therapy" and wonder how playing can really help your child to be successful - after all, they play all the time.

Children convey a lot of what they are struggling with or trying to 'work through' in their play. In fact, if your child has been traumatized, one of the first signs is usually a change in the way they play.

Play Therapy allows me to work with your child using their primary language... the words of play. I have extensive training in how to use play most effectively to help your child work through and better understand the problems at hand.  While the play will sometimes be non-directive, I have a very clear goal - to help your child feel and function better at home, at school, and in life.

Don't wait and regret not getting your child the help they need. If you are here, you know they need it.

Want to find out more about play therapy?

Check out this wonderful short video about how play therapy works! 

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